Puerto Vallarta fishing with the official Puerto
Vallarta Sportfishing Hook Up.  
The PV Hook
Sportfishing Charter was founded in 1996
we are a small fishing charter that knows
everything there is to know about Puerto
Vallarta fishing.  The Hook Up Sportfishing
Charter offers advice and service to only the
finest fishing charter´s and captains in
Puerto Vallarta Mexico. We are here to make
your dream fishing trip come true!  We offer
luxury fishing boats with air conditioning, tv,
dvd, leather couches, or simple custom made
boats, 18 ft open boats to 100 ft yachts, we
do not pressure you into fishing on only our
boat we are here to provide the exact fishing
trip that you have in mind for the lowest price
in Puerto Vallarta Guaranteed. If you would
like to fish for small  game fish or  if you want
to fish for big Puerto Vallarta  fish we will tell
you how many hours it will take and where
you need to be to catch your dream trophy
fish. If you have fished  Puerto Vallarta
before and would like to request the same
captain but can not get in touch with them we
will find the captain you are looking for if they
still work in Puerto Vallarta even if you dont
book the trip with us we are all about hooking
people up. We are not some big fishing
charter that just takes your money and sends
you on a boat The Hook Up Sportfishing
Charter makes sure you have the fishing trip
you came to have. We are located in the
Marina Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta Mexico for
more info about us or Puerto Vallarta fishing
contact us
The Hook Up Sportfishing is located in the Marina Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta Mexico for more info please contact us
or click these links below for more fishing info.
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You can fish for just about any type of
game fish in Puerto Vallarta but what
Puerto Vallarta is most well known for
is its amazing sized  yellow fin tuna,
marlin, sailfish, dorado, and wahoo!
contact us to see if your dream game
fish is in season.
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Puerto Vallarta
About the Puerto Vallarta Sportfishing Hook Up