The Hook Sportfishing is located in the Marina Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta Mexico for more info please contact us
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Puerto Vallarta sportfishing information
Puerto Vallarta big game fishing destinations for all
you big time anglers the Bank and corbetena is
where you want to be. corbetena is a reef 36 miles
out of the bay targeting striped marlins up to
300lbs, black marlins ranging from 200-1200 lbs
blue marlins also ranging from 200-1000 lbs,
yellow fin tuna ranging anywhere between 100-350
lbs, wahoo, and huge sail fish, the Bank is a reef
50 miles out and this is where all those 350lb cows
are at fishing for yellow fin tuna the biggest one
caught so far was 384 lbs but we are hoping to
beat that this year also targeting blue and black
marlins, ranging from 400-1200 lbs dorado's
ranging from 15-50 lbs.  If you want to bring home
a big game  trophy fish the bank is where you go!
for more info please contact us at
Big Puerto Vallarta Game fishing
Puerto Vallarta fishing grounds banderas bay
is 40 miles wide you can do short day around
the bay and fish for mahi mahi, Jack crevalle,
red snapper, needlefish  sierra mackeral,  and
small tuna. a little further out is Ilas marrietas
which has become a great spot for  drawing in
beutiful sail fish, mahi mahi or dorado ,jack
crevalle, red snapper, and small yellow fin tuna,
22 miles out is el morro fishing for sail fish, red
snapper, small yellow fin tuna, jack cravelle,
dorado, and sierra mackeral. Puerto Vallarta
fishing is becoming more popular everyday we
hope that everyone that comes to our beautiful
tropical paradise enjoy's the same welcoming we
had when we arrived contact your Puerto
Vallarta Hook up anytime even to talk about the
weather we are alway's ready to help.
Small Puerto Vallarta Game fishing
PV Hook Up